Outdoor Coaching

What is it?

Outdoor coaching is coaching on a walk. Sometimes we stop and look at something, or sit on a bench for a while, but for the most part we’re walking somewhere nice – a big park, somewhere in nature, getting as much green (trees, flowers, grass) and blue (water) and fresh air as possible.

Why? So many reasons!

  1. Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to talk to someone when you’re not face to face? Walking side by side makes talking less intense and more comfortable.
  2. Being in the outdoors is both enjoyable and relaxing, and being in a different environment from an indoor coaching setting feels liberating and energising.
  3. The walking journey with coach and client side-by-side reflects the dynamic of the coaching conversation: a collaborative exploration of the client’s challenge or obstacle, a feeling of greater equality between client and coach – the coach isn’t the ”expert”.
  4. 60 minutes walking outside is good for everyone’s physical and mental health.

So what are the benefits?

  1. Clients say they think more clearly and creatively about their issues when they’re outside.
  2. Some clients even say they think faster when they’re outside!
  3. Being in nature allows you to “get out of your head” and experience an increased awareness of the senses, which adds a new dimension to the conversation.
  4. Nature itself sometimes plays a part in the conversation, which can open up new avenues of thought.

Where do you go for the outdoor coaching?

We go somewhere that’s mutually convenient for me and my client. I’ve mainly walked in North London parks – Trent Park, Forty Hall, Hampstead Heath, and other smaller parks/walks close to where my clients live or work.

I’m still discovering new walking places, so if you have a favourite walk in North London, we could meet there.

Ok but what do your clients actually say?

Mia D: “I enjoy walking and being outdoors, so coaching outdoors while walking really resonated with me…especially as you don’t have the pressure of someone looking directly at you… (it) took away the element of worry or stress from the coaching session… Gabriel is very good at guiding and coaching…It was nice to walk around and feel free… much nicer than somewhere in an office…a more open and relaxed atmosphere… and Gabriel is really easy to talk to, friendly but professional…”​
Karen J: “I have had the feeling of not moving forward for some time. It was good to spend focused me time on why things aren’t happening. What I found was because of being outside and focusing on my surroundings and on walking, my mind was free to open up and find the issue creating the problem. I was able to go away from the session and work out how to deal with the problem in a way acceptable to me… (with) the confidence to begin the process of moving forward.”

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