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"Highly recommend..."

I approached Gabriel for coaching support around a complex family business that involved both personal and professional relationships.

Gabriel has an exceptional ability to track details without losing sight of the big picture, and was thereby able to help me better understand my own goals and to refine a set of discrete objectives.

I highly recommend Gabriel for anyone seeking help with multi-faceted business problems.​

John M, Executive Trustee

“…morphed from a formless feeling into a series of concrete actions”

I sought life coaching in order to find clarity on my general direction in career and life, which was a vague and difficult problem. However, Gabriel was able to help me break it down and explore what I wanted and most importantly what to do about it. When all sorts of life events transpired, she was able to keep things on track and adapt around it. As a result, my direction has morphed from a formless feeling into a series of concrete actions that move me towards a clearer goal.

“proactive and no-nonsense … compassion(ate) … optimistic, nurturing”

Gabriel approaches the problems with a proactive and no-nonsense attitude, but approaches the client with compassion and an optimistic, nurturing outlook. As a result, I’ve felt what I’ve needed to do has become clear, and that I am the person accountable for them, but also that I have the motivation and encouragement to carry them through.

I highly recommend life coaching for things you want to figure out, no matter how specific or vague the issue is. And for that coaching, Gabriel is the perfect choice to help you achieve what you’re aiming for.

Patrick O, Software Developer


“Warm and authentic…”

I was recommended Gabriel by a friend — and to be honest, I wasn’t sure coaching was for me.

I had just given birth to my first child in the midst of renovating a house and attempting a career change, so I worried my problems would be too many and too… messy.

But after speaking with Gabriel in an initial consultation, I immediately felt relaxed by her warm and authentic conversational style and the fact she so quickly understood where I was coming from.

“A huge help…”

I especially appreciated that she could draw on her own experience as a mother, which at the time was very new and scary to me.

I also resonated with her focus on building up and looking forward, rather than deconstructing and looking back.

Gabriel scheduled a series of sessions to work around my fraught schedule and also sent thoughtful reminders — a huge help at a very manic time!

“Exceeded my expectations…”

The actual sessions far exceeded my expectations.

Not only is Gabriel easy to talk to, she has a knack for spotting the simplest routes through complicated problems and for re-framing things in ways that made me feel I could finally tackle them.

I left every conversation elated and actually excited to make changes in my life!

“A practical approach…”

As we worked together, I slowly reorganised my schedule, my boundaries and my “me” time, so that by the end I didn’t just feel like I was back to my old self, I felt better than my old self.

I would definitely recommend Gabriel to anyone looking for a little more support in life, especially if you are keen to take a practical approach.

Imogen, writer


Q&A with S Smith, Design Director...

What made you interested in coaching/working with Gabriel? Why now?

I was interested to work with Gabriel to externalise and develop my thinking around my career. I had reached a point in my career where I wasn’t sure what my next step should or could be.

What concerns did you have about coaching before you started?

  • Would it deliver results?
  • What is it?
  • Would I get on with the coach?
  • Do I need someone that has worked
  • with people within my industry?
  • Do I need someone that has experience mentoring design agency founders?

How did those concerns play out over the course of the sessions?

I found that it helped me to structure my thinking and development ideas for career progression, I looked forward to the sessions.

The sessions worked well for me – I had been struggling to develop my thinking alone.

I enjoyed working with Gabriel. The sessions gave me space, time and a structure to explore where my career could and should go.

How satisfied are you with your coaching experience?

I was very happy with the coaching experience

Did you achieve the goal or results you were looking for in the coaching engagement?

I did, my only regret is that I am not in a position to move forward with the outcome due to personal reasons but I think it’s given me a peace of mind and a list of things that I would need to be in place to make my business idea a reality.

What positive changes have you experienced as a result of coaching?

Peace of mind and the conviction to take up a job in an agency as an interim stage

What particular strengths did Gabriel bring to the sessions?

Not asking too many questions – the space encouraged me to have to answer and think. At the end of each session getting me to commit to research or development goals.

How would you describe her style?

Calm, Confident, Professional

Would you recommend Gabriel as a coach?

Yes I would​


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