Animas Accredited Coach

Time for a Change?

I help people think themselves out of difficult situations so that they can better enjoy their life and work.

Animas Accredited Coach

Time for a Change?

I help people think themselves out of difficult situations so that they can better enjoy their life and work.

Is this you?


that’s fine, but you want more. Work seems overwhelming and understimulating, you’re restless, want change but don’t know what to do.


with no work/life balance. Running around non-stop but feeling disengaged from a lot of things you used to enjoy.


to keep fit, no time to relax, no time to spend with partner, friends, family. How do other people do it?


at work. You know what you want but someone or something is getting in your way.


with a transition. Going back to work after having a baby. Coming out of a relationship. Wanting to get out of a relationship but don’t know how.



We will work together to help you get greater clarity on what’s stopping you from moving forward.


Look at it differently

Sometimes it’s a question of seeing things a different way or focusing on another part of your situation.

Change your assumptions

Sometimes I may ask you questions which will challenge your beliefs about yourself.


Get clarity

Sometimes it takes another person to help you see what you don’t and see the right direction.


There is a solution: you just need some help finding it.

You can address whatever’s getting in the way, bogging you down, or otherwise stopping you from being happy with your life.


Our collaboration will explore what’s going on underneath/around/inside what you’re struggling with. Then you can see your way clearly to overcoming it.

Together we can think you unstuck.

The coaching journey is a journey of conversations with an empathic and supportive thinking companion (me!). I believe that you can find out what’s holding you back and start to think about it in a new way.

Coaching with a life coach is a non-judgmental dialogue which will bring you greater clarity about where you want to go next and how to create a plan for getting there.

"After speaking with Gabriel in an initial consultation, I immediately felt relaxed by her warm and authentic conversational style and the fact she so quickly understood where I was coming from."
"I highly recommend life coaching for things you want to figure out, no matter how specific or vague the issue is. And for that coaching, Gabriel is the perfect choice to help you achieve what you’re aiming for."

Get in touch with me for a free introductory conversation about coaching.

 We can talk about what you’re stuck with – perhaps you already have an idea of where you want to be, but you don’t know how to get there, or maybe you don’t (and that’s ok). We can talk more about how coaching works and you can ask all the questions you want. And then you can decide if coaching with me is for you.

 I look forward to hearing from you!

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